MDP3000 Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

High accuracy and stability: ±0.075% , ±0.1%
differntial pressure, Gauge, absolute pressure
Range: 0…….40Mpa
Output:4-20mA,  4-20ma+Hart
Process connection:1/2”NPT,1/4”NPT

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MDP3000 series digital differential pressure transmitter for universal Industrial applications used for industrial pressure measurement including differential, absolute and gauge pressure measurement of gas, liquid, steam and flow, widely applied in various industries. environmental protection fields.



  • Range: -100Pa to 40Mpa
  • Output: 4-20mA ,2 wire; HART protocol
  • Automatic zero tracking and temperature compensation
  • Accuracy: ±0.075% to ±0.1%
  • 5 yeas stability of 0.25%
  • Parameters setting by local key button
  • Updating time of current time in 200ms
  • Excellent anti-interference ability and zero stability
  • Automatic zero calibration by local key button.



Measured pressure Gauge, Absolute Flange adaptor material SS316L /Carton Steel/Hastelloy/Monel
Process fluid Liquid, gas, vapor Drains/Vents material 316LSS/ Monel/Hastelloy C/Monel
Range 100Pa to 40Mpa Diaphragm material SS316L/ Monel/ Hastelloy C/ Tantalum
Measured Accuracy ±0.075% to ±0.1% Wetted O-Ring material      Viton/ Buna-N
4-20mA Accuracy ±0.075% to ±0.1%FS Bolts & Nuts material Carton Steel/SS l316
Hart Accuracy ±0.05% Housing material Low copper cast aluminum alloy
4-20mA+HartAccuracy ±0.25%FS Display 5 digital &0-100% bargarph
Stability 0.2% %F. S /5 year Output 4-20mA , 2 wire Hart communication
Fluid temperature -20 to 85℃; Electrical Connector 1/2’’NPT., M20X1.5
Range ratio 100:1 Mounting Bracket on 2’pipe, wall or dashboard
Turn on time 2S with minimum damping Enclosure Class IP67 (Standard)
Damping 0-32second Intrinsically Safe EEx ia IIC T5
Response time   200ms Explosion proof Ex D IIC T5
Fluid oil Silicon default, Fluorine oil option Working temperature -20 to 85℃
Vibration effect ±0.05% of URL per g Storage temperature -40 to 125℃
  to 200 in any axis Power supply 12V to 45VDC, 24VDC default
Keyboard  5 keys for calibration and setting Weight 4.5kg


Measuring Range

 Pressure Range
Code Kpa Bar Psi Kgf/cm2
Low Range High Range Low Range High Range Low Range High Range Low Range High Range
0 0-0.06kpa 0-0.3kpa 0-0.6mbar 0-3.0mbar 0-0.087psi 0-0.0435psi 0-0.006 0-0.003
1 0-0.25kpa 0-1.5kpa 0-2.5mbar 0-15mbar 0-0.036psi 0-0.2176psi 0-0.025 0-0.0152
2 0-1.2kpa 0–10kpa 0-12mbar 0-100mbar 0-0.174psi 0–1.450psi 0-0.122 0-0.1019
3 0-6.0kpa 0-40kpa 0-60mbar 0-400mbar 0-0.8702psi 0-5.80psi 0-0.6118 0-0.4079
4 0-30kpa 0-180kpa 0-0.3bar 0-1.8bar 0-4.351psi 0-26.11psi 0-0.3059 0-1.835
5 0-0.16Mpa 0-1MPa 0-1.6bar 0-10bar 0-23.20psi 0-145psi 0-1.632 0-10.20
6 0-0.4Mpa 0-2.5Mpa 0-4bar 0-25bar 0-58.02psi 0-362.6psi 0-4.079 0-25.49
7 0-1.6Mpa 0-8.0Mpa 0-16bar 0-80bar 0-231.2psi 0-1160psi 0-16.32 0-81.58
8 0-4.0Mpa 0-25Mpa 0-40bar 0-250bar 0-580.15psi 0-3625.9psi 0-40.78 0-254.9
9 0-7.0-40Mpa 0-40Mpa 0-70bar 0-400 bar 0-1015.3psi 0-5801.5psi 0-71.38 0-407.89



Size (mm)


Order Code

MDP3000 Differential Pressure Transmitter Description
MDP3000 -X X X -X X X -X -X X X -X  
Pressure Type -D     Differential Pressure Transmitter
-G     Gauge pressure
-A     Absolute pressure
Range 0     0-0.06kpa…0-0.3kpa
1     0-0.25kpa….0-1.5kpa
2     0-1.2kpa….0-10kpa
3     0-6.0kpa….0-40kpa
4     0-30kpa……0-180kpa
5     0-0.16Mpa…0-1MPa
6     0-0.4Mpa….0-2.5Mpa
7     0-1.6Mpa….0-8.0Mpa
8     0-4.0Mpa….0-25Mpa
9     0-7.0Mpa….0-40Mpa
Output 1   4-20mA, 2 Wire
2   4-20 mA, +Hart Protocol output
Diaphragm Material -S Stainless Steel 316L, (default)
-H Hastelloy C
-M Monel
-T Tantalum
Process Flange adapter, Drains& Vents Material S Stainless Steel 316L(default)
C Carbon steel
Bolts &Nuts Material C Carbon steel (default)
S Stainless Steel 316
Wetted O- ring Material -V1 Buna-N
-V2 PTFE seal ring
-V3 Metal seal ring (red cooper)
Fill Fluid -N         Silicon Oil (default)
-F Fluorine Oil
Process connection 1       1/2-2’’NPT (default)
2 1/4’’-2NPT
Electrical Connector 0 M20 X1.5 thread (Default)
1 1/2-2’’NPT
Max. Pressure Limit (static pressure) 1 2.5MPA
2 4MPA
3 6.4MPA
4 16MPA
5 25MPA
6 32MPA
7 40MPA
Option -N None
-B1 Bent mount bracket for plate mounting
-B2 Bent bracket for plate mounting
-B3 Flat mount bracket for 2’’pipe mounting
-i Intrinsically Safe(ExiaIICT5)
-d Explosion proof(ExdIICT5)
-G1 Waist Flange
-G2 Welted Connector
-G3 Integrated three-valve manifolds
-X Others

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