More than ten years, we have focused on the development, research and production of precision instruments.


Researched and developed paperless recorders, process controller, process indicator and other automated instruments, which are successfully pushed to the market, deeply loved by customers, thus establish the position of one of the top ten recorder’ manufacturers in China.



In cooperation with experts in automation field of Xiamen University, a new type of color paperless recorder has been developed. It has the features of the smallest size of recorder in China (72*72mm, up to 4 channels, universal input), the largest number of channels and the powerful function of USB pen driver for data transferring in plug-and-play



Participated in MICONEX in Beijing and Shanghai in China, comprehensively pushed the products to the domestic market and gained market recognition.



An open modular structure in recorder, controller and indicator was introduced, which enables the production of high-end intelligent instruments to achieve batch production, greatly reducing production costs and achieving rapid delivery. At the same time, we provide OEM services for domestic and foreign customers, so that products can be quickly pushed to domestic and foreign markets.



Design and launch our own industrial communication protocol MODBUS, completely open AIFCS fieldbus computer monitoring system based on WINDOWS and instrument networking.Has won wide recognition and favor of customers. We has also won the national patent technical certificate and software authorship certificate.



The newly developed small color paperless recorder won the National Innovation Fund Award.



CE and ROHS certification approved, the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the products meet the international standards. And the anti-interference performance has been improved by a breakthrough.



In order to meet the needs of strategic development, we should establish the instrument production line division of pressure transmitter, purchase many advanced equipment and build high precision and high reliability pressure transmitter and other products to meet the market demand.



We have developed many new portable paperless recorders, multi-channel process indicator, pressure transmitters, temperature and humidity sensors, vibration transmitters and other new products.



The accuracy of the carefully developed pressure transmitter is close to 1%, leading the advanced level in the industry. Acquired market recognition, exported to domestic and foreign markets.



Upgrade the appearance of paperless recorders and all kinds of instruments and adjust the internal and procedure comprehensively so as to make the products more beautiful, concise, greatly improve the texture, and the product performance more in line with the customer’s use habits.



The newly developed multi-functional hand-held paperless recorder has the characteristics of compact, portable and ready to use, and is very popular with customers.