Automatic temperature and humidity recorder is a series of data recorders specially designed for ultra-low power consumption and ultra-long time temperature data recording. The product can collect and record temperature and humidity parameters at regular intervals according to configuration time, and transmit the collected data to the computer for processing and drawing charts. It is widely used in agricultural laboratories, industry, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, storage and transportation, museums, greenhouses and other fields. This product is powered by imported sensors and imported high-energy lithium batteries. It is designed with low-power technology. It does not need external power supply. It is compact in size, low power consumption and high precision. It can work continuously for more than three years.
Tobacco, a special product, is extremely vulnerable to environmental impact. Therefore, the storage environment of tobacco is very important. A good tobacco warehouse should ensure temperature and humidity in a certain range. Only in this way can the storage quality of tobacco be guaranteed. If the temperature and humidity are abnormal, it may cause tobacco mildew and deterioration. In tobacco warehouse, temperature and humidity must be strictly monitored. Temperature and humidity data of monitoring points should be uploaded regularly, and temperature and humidity curves should be printed for analysis to eliminate all hidden dangers.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system of tobacco leaf warehouse is composed of:

1. Automatic temperature and humidity recorder: responsible for the detection and storage of temperature and humidity data at all points.

2. The software part: The software part is responsible for reading, analyzing and printing all the data.

3. Host part: Host (any computer), used to read and view the data stored in the recorder.

Tobacco warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system functions:

1. Real-time collection and recording of temperature and humidity in tobacco warehouse.

2. All temperature and humidity data are collected and recorded in the recorder, and can be poured into the computer by software.

3. Users can query the historical data stored in the recorder, and perform data analysis, printing and other operations.

4. In case of abnormal situation, the recorder records data in red letter to alarm and the recorder buzzes.

Advantages of temperature and humidity monitoring system in tobacco warehouse:

1. Convenient construction, no wiring, no installation, internal power supply.

2. The software has powerful functions. It can monitor data real-time and long-term, print data and set alarms.

3. Recording interval and delay time are set arbitrarily, ranging from 1 second to 24 hours.

4. LCD display: LCD screen can display ambient temperature and humidity, power of recorder, storage of recorder and recording switch.

Summary: Automatic temperature and humidity recorder, with real-time monitoring and long-term monitoring of two human monitoring methods. Completely reduce wiring installation costs, the recorder uses internal power supply, can be placed at any monitoring point, easily solve the environmental monitoring problem of tobacco warehouse. The fuselage is small, beautiful and powerful. Supporting management software. Let you simply and easily monitor the tobacco warehouse.