Importance of Automatic Temperature and Humidity Recorder for Tobacco Warehouse

Automatic temperature and humidity recorder is a series of data recorders specially designed for ultra-low power consumption and ultra-long time temperature data recording. The product can collect and record temperature and humidity parameters at regular intervals according to configuration time, and transmit the collected data to the computer for processing and drawing charts. It is widely used in agricultural laboratories, industry, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, storage and transportation, museums, greenhouses and other fields. This product is powered [...]

Sensor characteristics

Static Characteristics of Sensors The static characteristic of the sensor refers to the relationship between the output and the input of the sensor for the static input signal. Because both input and output are independent of time at this time, the relationship between them is that the static characteristics of the sensor can be described by an algebraic equation without time variables, or by using input as abscissa and output as longitudinal coordinates. The main parameters that characterize the static [...]

Solution to Leakage Problem of Thermocouple

Thermocouple is a commonly used temperature measuring instrument, which has certain application in many industries. All the instruments will have some faults in the process of using, and thermocouples are no exception. Leakage on thermocouple is a common fault, so how do we deal with it? Next, the technical staff of our company will give you a detailed introduction. I. Reasons for Leakage on Thermocouples (1) Refractory bricks on electric furnaces are not well insulated at high temperatures. Inserting thermocouples with [...]

Detection of Power Lithium Batteries

Power lithium battery packs, such as lithium battery packs for electric vehicles, are composed of several single lithium batteries. Therefore, to ensure that each single lithium battery is in the best working state is the precondition to ensure the normal operation of the whole power lithium battery pack. Therefore, the detection and monitoring of power lithium battery packs must be achieved through the detection and monitoring of each single lithium battery. The paperless recorder and patrol instrument produced by our [...]

Displacement sensor realizes precise measurement for the jacking-up of Xiamen viaduct

At the end of May 2014, Xiamen implemented the reconstruction and upgrading project of Xianyue Road viaduct. By October 26, the deck of the Xianyue Road Viaduct, which landed at the intersection of Taiwan Street, was quietly raised by 1 cm. After transformation, the viaduct is like a seesaw, downhill into uphill. Among them, the shortest pier was 11.261 meters long. It is reported that this is the most elevated viaduct in China. In this process, the construction side [...]