In today’s information age, especially with the rise and rapid development of the Internet, the speed of information exchange and dissemination is faster and faster, and the amount of information is also growing. At the same time, the central computer room has become an important place for some companies and related institutions to store, process and share data. It is very important for enterprises to ensure the normal operation of servers or processors in the computer room. Because there are mostly electronic equipment’s in the computer room, the environmental temperature and humidity will directly affect their working condition, the temperature and humidity sensors become an indispensable part of the comprehensive monitoring system of the computer room environment.

Many semiconductor devices are used in modern electronic computing equipment and will be heating with temperature rised. When the temperature rises, the performance of the devices will decrease. However, the heat released by the heated semiconductor into the air will increase the ambient temperature and weaken its heat dissipation effect, which will further lead to the temperature rise of the semiconductor devices and affect the normal operation of the equipment. Through the temperature and humidity sensor to detect the environmental temperature, when the temperature is too high, the cooling measures in the computer room is started to ensure the normal environmental temperature. In addition, the humidity in the computer room also needs to be kept within an appropriate range. Because if the relative humidity of air is too low, that is, when the air is too dry, the static voltage will rise significantly, which seriously endangers the safety of equipment and personnel; when the air humidity is too high, the water vapor in the air will easily form a water film on the surface of the circuit, resulting in circuit and arc phenomenon. Though using temperature and humidity sensor to measure environmental humidity and timely control humidification/dehumidification system to adjust air humidity, the humidity can be strictly controlled within the prescribed range to ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment.

Madincos’ temperature and humidity sensor is a combination of digital output relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensor in the same package. The product has the advantages of high accuracy and long-term stability. The Madincos’ temperature and humidity sensor has advantage with water-proof, dust-proof, anti-interference protection on electrical board and water-proof housing, the multilayer structure of the components can resist most of the application hazards, such as condensation, dirt, dust, oil stains and common environmental chemicals, which helps to provide industry-leading stability and reliability.