Chemical Electronics: The industry is mainly oriented to fine chemical products such as epoxy resin, high-end composite materials, precision microelectronics, integrated chips, optoelectronic components. In the process of storage and transportation, there are special requirements for environmental temperature and humidity conditions and severe earthquake. If some parameters are not properly controlled, it will lead to unstable items produced and even waste products. The Moisture is the deadly enemy of electronic quality, and most electronic products are required for operation and storage under dry conditions. According to statistics, more than a quarter of industrial bad products manufactured in the world’s are related to damp hazards every year. For the electronic industry, damp hazards have become one of the main factors affecting product quality. For example, integrated circuits, liquid crystal devices, silicon wafers, electronic devices and finished electronics in the process of operation, storage time in high humidity environment is too long, which will oxidize the surface of some pads and chip pins and lead to poor contact failure. The environmental humidity of production and storage of electronic products should generally be below 40%. Some special products also require lower temperature and humidity.

The Enterprises in chemical and electronic industry should focus on the management of temperature and humidity in raw material warehouse, production workshop, finished product warehouse and transportation process to provide decision-making basis for quality stability. We have seen many traditional management methods: warehouse administrators or managers check and record the temperature and humidity values of warehouses and workshops from time to time, and find out abnormal situations, even use heating and humidity or cooling equipment to control the temperature and humidity of warehouses and workshops. Such a management method has many drawbacks, which are time-consuming and manpower-consuming, and the recorded data are not very objective because of human factors, and do not meet the requirements of modern enterprise management; in logistics, the enterprises are basically unable to manage the temperature and humidity changes in transport vehicles.

Solution: In order to solve such problems, understand the market demand in depth, and provide comprehensive products and solutions for customers in the chemical and electronic industry, such as warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring alarm, electronic temperature and humidity recorder, etc