MTH800 Smart Digital Wall Type Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Remote Probe

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 MTH800 is high quality wall t type temperature and humidity sensor, adopting Switzerland advanced sensor module and high performance single chip, designed for temperature humidity measurement indoor room, widely used building automation, library room, warehouse, Medical Industry, HAVC Industry, Greenhouse etc. High humidity environment



  • High Accuracy, High Stability, Anti-Interference dealing on PCB
  • High sealing technology and excellent three-proof coating protection
  • SMT Technology, with indicator, optional
  • Range: T: -20 to 80°C, -20 to 120°C, 0-50°C, -40 to 60°C; H: 0-100%
  • Output: 4-20mA,0-5VDC,0-10VDC, RS485 output, optional
  • With 2 relays outputs, optional
  • Temperature range, offset function can be set by keys
  • Probe can be dust-proof, water-proof type, high-temperature
  • Probe can be with external lead cable max.10m as separate type
  • Accuracy: T:±3°C, H:±3% ;
  • Protection: Electrical housing: IIP65; Probe: IP54
  • Wide power supply: 12-36VDC; 15-36VDC (4-20mA only)



Accuracy T:±0.3℃ (Full range in average); Power Supply 15-36VDC (4-20mA Output);
RH: 3%RH 12-36VDC (0-5VDC, 0-10VDC; RS485 )
(non-linear, repeatability, hysteresis) Power consumption 60mA
Long Stability T: <0.04℃/year; RH: <0.05%RH/year Case /Probe Material ABS (-20 to 80℃; 0 to 50℃, , -40 to 60℃)
Range (T) Cable Material Rubber cable or Silica gel with Teflon cable
Analog Output T: -20 to 80℃; 0 to 50℃, , -40 to 60℃; Probe Type Dust-proof (standard); water-proof
  T: 0-100℃,0-120℃, customized High-temp. Probe 316LSS with zincification and cooperies
RS485 Output T: -20 to 80℃ Case Size 134mmx90mm (LXD)
Range (RH) RH:0-99.9% Probe Size 96mm/115mmx 16mm (LXD) (normal Temp.)
Resolution T: 0.1℃,  RH:0.1%RH   73mmx16mm (LXD) (High temperature)
Response time T: 6t(63%): min=5s, max=30s; Cable Length 1-10m, optional
  H (90% static air): 8second Terminals Size 1×2.5 mm² or 2×1.5 mm²
Load resistor <500ohm Entry connector M16x1.5mm
Output 4-20ma, 0-5VDC, 1-5VDC; RS485 output Installation Wall Type
RS485 Protocol Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol Protection Electrical Case: IP65; Probe: IP54
Baud rate 9600; customized Working Ambient T:-40 to 80℃,
Relay Output Load <2A/30VDC (0.5A/125VAC), max. 2A Storage Temperature 10-50℃ (0-125℃ at peak)
Indicator LCD display, optional Storage Humidity H:0-99.9%, no dew,


Front Panel


Dimension (mm)

Integrated type with Normal Temperature Probe
Integrated type with Normal Temperature Probe


Order Code

MTH800 temperature and humidity transmitter
Order Code: MTH800-NN-ANN Description
MTH800 -X X X X X MTH800 temperature and humidity transmitter
Indicator -N None, without indicator
-D Yes, with indicator
Probe type N Integrated, probe without extended lead cable
E Separated, probe with extended cable, please advise the cable length need


-A 4-20mA
-V 0-5VDC
-V2 0-10VDC
-R RS485 output
-S 2 Relay Output. 2 Relay NO or NC, optional
-M RS485+2 Relay Output

Probe Type

N Standard, dust-proof
W Water-proof
H High Temperature
Cable Length (m) N None
X 0-10m, please advise the remote cable length exactly, such as 2,means 2m

Note: Order Code: E.g.: MTH800-NN-AN, MTH800 wall type temperature and humidity sensor without indicator, 4-20ma output, integrated type without external lead cable.

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