MTH500HS Duct type 200°C high temperature with corrosion-proof temperature and humidity transmitter

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MTH500HS is a Duct type high temperature and gas corrosion-proof temperature and humidity transmitter, adopting the Switzerland advanced sensor and latest integrated measurement technology, through the high-performance single chip designed for temperature humidity measurementfor high temperature or corrosion environment in Building automation, HVAC, Greenhouse, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries etc.



  • High Accuracy, High Stability; High sealing technology
  • With LCD display or not
  • Probe: Stainless Steel material, corrosion-proof
  • Measure range: T: -40 to 200°C, H: 0-100%, LCD display: temperature range can be set flexibly directly Offset function for further accuracy adjustment (LCD display)
  • Output: 4-20mA, RS485 Modbus
  • Accuracy: T:±3°C, H:±3%; Resolution: T:0.1, H:0.1%RH
  • Long-term stability: T:<04/year, H: <0.5%RH/year
  • Stem length, thread size can be customized as requirement
  • Wide power supply: 15-30VDC, 24VAC(±20%)


Accuracy T:±0.3℃ (Full range in average); Head Material aluminum alloy
RH: 3%RH Display LCD ,temperature and humidity
Long Stability T: <0.04℃/year; Probe Type Stainless steel, corrosion-proof
  RH: <0.5%RH/year Installation Duct Type
Measured Range T: -40 to 200℃; RH:0-99.9% Head Case Size 125mmx77mm
T output range T: -40 to 200℃, can be set (with lcd display) Probe Size D:12mm, Extended Length: 50mm

Inserted Length:10,15,20, 30…..100mm

Resolution T: 0.1℃,  RH:0.1%RH Entry connector M20X1.5mm
Load resistor ≤500ohm  (4-20mA) Thread size M27X2, 1/2’’G, customized
Output 4-20ma, RS485 Modbus output Protection Electrical Case: IP65; Sensor: IP54
Power Supply 15-30VDC, 24VDC; 24VAC(±20%) Working Ambient T:-40 to 200℃(Probe), -20 to 80℃(case)
Consumption ≤1VA (standard value) H:0-99.9%, no dew
Allowable max.

air velocity

16 m/s Storage Temperature and Humidity -40 to 80℃;  20~60%RH


Order Code

Order Code: MTH500HS-DAN-S10 Description
MTH500HS -X X X X   MTH500HS Duct Type high temperature and humidity Transmitter
Display -N None
-D with lcd display
Output A 4-20mA
R RS485 Mobus
Installation Thread N M27X2.0, fixed, standard
P1 1/2’’G (male), fixed
C Customized, please advise the exact thread size you need
Probe Type -S 0-200degc 316LSS stainless steel probe, compatible with 316LSS, default
-P 0-200degc PTFE corrosion-proof probe, especially for gas or air with strong corrosion such as strong acid alkaline environment
Probe Insert Length 10 Probe insert length: 10cm
15 Probe insert length: 15cm
20 Probe insert length: 20cm
30 Probe insert length: 30cm
35 Probe insert length: 35cm
50 Probe length: 50cm
100 Probe length: 100cm
X Customized, max. 1m


Tolerable Concertation of Main Gas Components List

Chemical Gas Concentration Harmless Negative Effect
Carbon monoxide CO Up to 100ppm x
Ammonia-NH3 Up to 500ppm x
Sulphur Dioxide-SO2 Up to 100ppm x
Formaldehyde-HCHO Up to 6mg/m3 x
Freon 113-C2Cl3F3 Up to 5000ppm, 39g/m3 x
Chlonne-Cl2 Up to 0.5ppm, 15g/m3 x
Hydrogen Chloride-HCL x
Hydrogen Fluoride HF
Nitrogen Dioxide-NO2 Up to 120mg/m3 x

(Liquid: for cleaning, gaseous: harmless)

Up to 100ppm x

(Liquid: for cleaning, gaseous: harmless)

Up to 40ppm x
Ozone-O3 Up to 2mg/m3 x
Ultraviolet rays (at 300-400 nm & 2 J/CM2/time of exposure: appr. 5min) Ultraviolet. Endangered area of the sensor surface is protected by a metallic layer x
Isopropanol-(CH3)2CHOH                            (Liquid: for cleaning, gaseous; harmless) Up to 100ppm x
Ethylene oxide-C2H4O Up to 2 ppm x
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 Up to 140 mg/M3 x
Chlomethan-CH3Cl x


  1. The chemical resistance data of our MTH500HS comes from laboratory environmental testing, and the data is for reference only.
  2. The above table list is the tolerable concentrations of the main gas components. Other chemical components not listed, it do not mean that the sensor will not be corroded by unlisted gas, which will be verified by further expansion experiments.



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