MTH500S Smart Duct Type Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Indicator

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MTH500S is high quality Duct type temperature and humidity sensor,adopting Switzerland advanced sensor module and high performance single chip designed for temperature humidity measurement in HAVC, Central air conditioner; Greenhouse, integrated equipment, dryer Industry, building automation etc. high humidity environment application.



  • High Accuracy, High Stability; Anti-Interference dealing on PCB
  • High sealing technology and excellent three-proof coating protection
  • Range: T: -20 to 80°C, 0-50°C, -40 to 60°C; H: 0-100%
  • Temperature range can be set by inner DIN switch
  • With offset function by built-in keys
  • Output: 4-20mA,0-5VDC,0-10VDC, RS485 output
  • Probe can be with dust-proof, water-proof type, optional
  • Accuracy: T:±3°C, H:±3%; Resolution: T:0.01, H:0.1%RH
  • Protection: Electrical housing: IP65; Probe: IP54
  • Wide power supply: 12-36VDC; 15-36VDC (4-20mA only)



Accuracy T:±0.3℃ (Full range in average); Power Supply 15-36VDC (4-20mA Output);
RH: 3%RH (including non-linear, repeatability, hysteresis) 12-36VDC

(0-5VDC, 0-10VDC; RS485 Output)

Long Stability T: <0.04℃/year; Power consumption 60mA
  RH: <0.05%RH/year Housing Material ABS
Range T: -20 to 80℃; 0 to 50℃, , -40 to 60℃; Probe Type Dust-proof (standard); water-proof
  RH:0-99.9% Installation Duct Type
Resolution T: 0.1℃,  RH:0.1%RH Case Size 80mmx65mmx38mm (LXD);
Response time T: 6t(63%): min=5s, max=30s; Probe Size 230mmx 14mm (LXD)
H (90% static air): 8second Terminals Size 1X2.5 mm² or 2X1.5 mm²
Load resistor <500ohm Entry connector M16X1.5mm
Output 4-20ma, 0-5VDC,0-10VDC; RS485 output Protection Electrical Case: IP65; Probe: IP54
RS485 Protocol Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol Working Ambient T:-40 to 80℃, H:0-99.9%, no dew
Baud rate 9600; customized Storage Temperature 10-50℃ (0-125℃ at peak)


Size mm



Offset Function by Keys Setting


Order Code

MTH500S temperature and humidity sensor
Order Code: MTH500S-NAN Description
MTH500S -X X X MTH500S Duct Type temperature and humidity sensor
Indicator -N None
-D Yes, with indicator
Output Type A 4-20mA
A2 4-20mA (2 wire, special), when temperature measured, humidity should be measured
V 0-5VDC
V2 0-10VDC
R RS485 output

Probe Type

N Standard type, dust-proof
W Water-proof (special)





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