MLT6300S High Temperature Stainless Steel Cable Digital Submersible Thrown-in Liquid Level Transmitter

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MLT6300S is integrated submergible digital level transmitter with stainless steel lead cable,designed with high accuracy and stability diffusion silicon pressure sensor as sensitive components, high quality sealing and assembly technology, widely used for universal industrial applications for level measured with ideal solution.



  • Range: 0-20m
  • 4-20mA ,0-10Ma, 0-5VDC, output, 2 wire,3 wire
  • Diffusion silicon sensor, 0.2% high quality and stability
  • Lead cable: stainless steel cable
  • Digital Indicator: 4-1/2LCD digital display, option
  • Protection: transmitter: IP68, Indicator: IP65
  • With lightning surge protection, anti-RF interference
  • With reverse polarity protection and limit current protection
  • Wide power supply: 12-36VDC



Process fluid Liquids, corrosive liquids Diaphragm Material 316LSS, diffuse silicon
liquids compatible with 304SS Sensor (Probe) Material ICr18Ni9Ti stainless steel
Range 0 to 0.5m and 0-20m Lead Cable Material Stainless steel
Accuracy ±0.2%, ±0.5%, ±0.1% Housing Material Aluminum alloy with spraying painted
Stability 0.25% %F. S per year Indicator 4-1/2LCD digital display
Fluid temperature 0 to 300℃ Output 4-20mA, RS485, 4-20ma+rs485 output
Comp. temperature 0 to 70℃ Installation Thread or Flange
Over pressure twice of max. range Thread, Flange Material Stainless steel
Temperature effect ±1.5% FS (accuracy: ±0.2%) Electrical Connector M20X1.5
±3.0% FS (accuracy: ±0.5%) Power supply 14-36VDC (4-20mA,0-10mA output)
±5.0% FS (accuracy: ±1.0%) 12-36VD (RS485 output)
Zero offset   <0.5% of output range Standard Power Supply 24VDC±5%, ripple less than 1%
Zero &Range adjust +20% (only indicator type) Power effect Less than 0.01%/V of output range
Range adjustable between Min. &max. range IP protection IP 68 (transmitter), indicator(ip65)
Load effect Negative Electrical Safety Exia IICT5 intrinsic safety
Load resistance 4-20mA, 0-10mA , R≤1KΩ Storage temperature -40 to 125℃
0-5VDC output: R≥500Ω Size 105mm x 28mm (Lx D)

Order Code


1.Order code:  MLT6300S-DT01ANN1-N, MLT6300S level transmitter, with indicator, throw-in type, water-proof cable, range: 0-1.0mm, output; 4-20Ma, thread installation: G1’’Notes:

2.Please advise me the density of the fluid in measuring statue (except water), which should be compatible with the material of the contacting part of transmitter

3.Standard Accuracy: 0-10m:0.5% standard; 10m above: 0.2%

    Specificized: 5-10m: 0.2%

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