MTS200R series armored thermocouple temperature sensor


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MTS200R is armored thermocouple temperature sensor with lead cable, designed for industrial temperature measurement, working with kinds of instruments and meters, widely used in boiler, furnace, petroleum, metallurgy, chemicals, ceramic, mechanical, heating dealing and various process fields.



Advanced performance, high accuracy and stability
Small element diameter, faster thermal response time
Various thermocouple: K, T, J, S,E,N, R
Measure range: -50 to 1600℃
Tube Diameter: single:2-8mm; double: 3-8mm
Junction type: underground, ground, exposed
Lead cable material: fiberglass+ metal braided,shileded
PVC, Teflon, Silicone Gel material optional
Transition joint protection from cable damage


Armored thermocouple


Class I, Class II

Allowed error ±1.5℃,0.004ItI; ±2.5℃,0.0075ItI
Range K:-40 to1200°C, N:-40-1200°C; E:0-900°C
J: 0-750°C, T:-200 to350°C,S:0-1600°C
T.C. Element Type K, T, J, S, E, N
Element number

Single , double

Element Diameter

Ф2-8mm; Ф3-8mm

Junction type

Underground, ground, exposed

Tube material

1Cr18Ni9Ti , GH3030;GH3090

Transition material

304 Stainless steel tube

Thread size

M12x1.5, M8X1.5,M16X1.5….

Lead cable material

Fiberglass+ metal braided, shielded

PVC, Teflon, silicone cover optional

Electrical connector

Lead cable, needle plug, flat plug



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