MTR430 Smart Integrated Digital LCD Display Temperature Transmitter

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MTR430 is integrated digital LCD display temperature transmitter, designed for liquid and gas and air temperature measurement, adopt advanced temperature sensitive element and intelligent laser resistance adjustment for temperature compensation, as 4-20ma output, RS485, HART output, widely used in boiler, furnace, petroleum, metallurgy,chemicals, ceramic, mechanical, heating dealing and various process industrial fields.


  • High accuracy and stability, Advanced performance,
  • Built-in cold junction compensation, un-linear calibration circuit
  • Measure range: -200 to 1600
  • Output: 4-20ma, 2 wire; RS485, HART Output
  • Reverse polarity & current limiting protection
  • Tube Diameter: Ф6mm, Ф8mm, Ф12mm, Ф16mm
  • Power supply: 10V to 30VDC, 24VDC as standard



Accuracy 0.5%FS, 0.2%FS Process connection 1/2’’NPT, 1/4’’NPT M27X2, M20X1.5
Stability ≤0.1%/year Electrical connector M20X1.5
Element Thermocouple, RTD thread material 304SS; 316SS
Measurement range Pt100: -200 to 600℃ Tube material 304SS;316SS
K:-50 to 1200℃,B: 0 to 1600℃ Housing material Aluminum alloy with spray
E:0 to 800℃; J; 0 to 600℃ Output 4-20mA, 2 wire; RS485,
N:0 to 1200℃; R:0 to 1300℃ 4-20ma+Hart
S: 0 to 1300℃;T: -200 to 350℃ Local Indicator 5 digit LCD, -19999 to 99999
Element number Single element   4 digit LED ,-1999 to 9999
Element Diameter Ф6mm, Ф8mm, Ф12mm, Ф16mm Engineer unit °C, °F, K, °Ra, °Re
Junction type Underground Decimal point 0-2, programable
Overload pressure 200%FS Power supply 10-30VDC, 24VDC standard
Max. pressure 10Mpa Working temperature -30 to 80℃
IP protection IP65 Relative humidity 0 to 90%


Order Code

MTR430 Smart Digital Temperature Transmitter
Order Code: E.g.: MTR430-DT100AP2D6NL100N Description
MTR430 -X X X X X X X X Smart Digital Temperature Transmitter
Type -E               Yes, with LED indicator (thermocouple)
-D               Yes, with LCD indicator (PT100)
Measured Temperature TX             e.g.: T100: 0-100degc,

please advise the range required

Output A           4-20mA, 2 wire
R           RS485 output, standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
AH           4-20ma+Hart protocol
Process Connection P1         G1/2’’, thread, fixed
P2         1/2’’NPT, thread, fixed
P3         G1/4’’, thread, fixed
P4         1/4’’NPT, thread, fixed
P5         M20X 15, thread, fixed
P6         M14x1.5, thread, fixed
P7         M27X2.0, thread, fixed
PX         customized
Protection tube stem diameter -D6       Ф6mm
-D8       Ф8mm
-D10       Ф10mm
-D12       Ф12mm
-DX       Customized

Stem Extended Length including thread

N     None
E     Extended length including thread: 100mm
E5     Extended length including thread: 50mm
Stem Insert Length (mm) LX   L100:L=100mm
Others N None
A2 0.2%FS high accuracy
M 316SS protection tube material
X Others


Order Code: E.g.: MTR430-DT100AP2D6NL100N, LCD digital display, 0-100degc, 1/2’’NPT, 6mm diameter, 100mm insert length

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