MSC90R Intelligent DIN Mount Resistor Signal Isolator-Converter


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MSC90R DIN Mounted Resistor Signal Isolator, Signal Converter resistor input, with input-output-power isolated, transmitting the signal thermocouple, RTD sensor as analog signal output to various instruments or DCS, PLC etc control systems.



  • 1 input 1 output, 1 input 2 outputs, 2 inputs 2 outputs
  • Input: 0-400Ω, 30-350Ω, 0-350Ω,0-10KΩ
  • Transmission accuracy (20°C): (0.2%FS+1) digit
  • Temperature shift: 0.0075%FS/°C
  • Power-Input-Output isolation: 1.5KVrms, 1min, 50HZ
  • Input /Output signal: 4-20ma, 0-20ma, 0-5VDC, 1-5VDC,0-10VDC Relay output; RS485 MODBUS-RTU output
  • With LCD indicator or without indicator
  • Standard 35mm Rail Installation with pluggable terminals
  • Size:109×116.5×18.5mm
  • Independent power supply :20-32VDC, AC100-260VAC



. Accuracy 0.2FS%+1 digit Isolated ability Input-output-power 1.5KV, 1min, 50Hz
Temperature shift 0.0075%FS/℃ Insulation resistance Input-output-power≥100mA at 500VDC
Resolution 0.1 Response time 1channel: <0.5, 2 Channels: <1S
. Input type Resistor Power supply AC100-265V (50-60HZ); DC24V(+-10%)
Resistor Range 0-400Ω, 0-350Ω,0-10KΩ Power Consumption ≤3W
. Output Signal 4-20mA, 0-10mA, 0-20mA; Case material/ PC
  0-5VDC, 1-5VDC, 0-10VDC IP Protection IP20
Resistor Load RL≤550Ω (4-20, 0-10, 0-20mA) Size 116.5Xx109x18.5mm
  RL≥250kΩ (1-5VDC, 0-5VDC) Mounting DIN35mm
RL≥500kΩ (0-10VDC) N.W. 140g
Relay Output 0.6A/125VAC, 2A/30VDC EMC GB/T18268  (IEC61326-1)
.RS485 Output MODBUS-RTU Protocol Working temperature -20 to 50℃;
Comm.Rate 9.6Kbps Relative Humidity 25% to 85%RH
Communication distance max.1km Storage temperature -10 to 60℃ (No dew)



Size (mm)



Order Code

MSC90R: DIN Rail Mount Resistor Temperature Transmitter
Order Code: E.g.: MSC90R-N11-RN1N-N Description
MSC90R -X -X -X X X X MTR430 Universal Temperature Transmitter
Input Type -N Without indicator
-D With indicator
Input-Output NO. 11 1 Input 1 output
12 1 input 2 output
22 2 Input 2 Output
Input 1


R 0-400Ω (linear)
R1 30-350Ω (remote)
R2 0-350Ω (remote)
R3 0-10kΩ
-X Customized

Input 2

N None
R 0-400Ω (linear)
R1 30-350Ω (remote)
R2 0-350Ω (remote)
R3 0-10kΩ
X Customized



1 4-20Ma (default)
2 0-10mA
3 0-20mA
4 0-5VDC
5 1-5VDC
6 0-10VDC
C RS485 Output
X Customized



N None
1 4-20ma (default)
2 0-10mA
3 0-20mA
4 0-5VDC
5 1-5VDC
6 0-10VDC
L Relay output
X Customized

Power Supply

-N 100-260VAC (50-60Hz)
-D 24VDC

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