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MFL3200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is flange type electromagnetic flow meter, can be used in compact or separate model with converter, designed to measure volume flow rate of conductive liquids more than 5us/cm, and also for volume flow rate measurement of strong acid and alkali etc strong corrosive liquid and slurry, pulp, paper pulp etc fluids with liquid-solid suspension.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, textile, paper making, food etc industries, water conservancy construction, river dredging areas.



  • Measurement not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changed.
  • Without choked flow parts in measuring pipe, without pressure loss, with low requirement on straight pipe part
  • Various electrode and inner can be choose for various application
  • Completely digital processing high accuracy and stability, strong anti-interference ability, wide range
  • Super lower EMI switching power, good anti-EMI ability.
  • 16-bit embedded micro controller processor: faster operation, high accuracy, programmable low frequency square wave excitation to improve the stability, lower consumption.
  • SMD components and SMT technology to guarantee circuit in high reliability
  • High resolution LCD indicator, easy and convenient to operation.
  • With self-checking function, easy to examine
  • Support RS485, RS232, Hart, Modbus protocol output, optional
  • Can record flow totalize per hour, flow totalize per minute recording, optional
  • Can display forward, reserve and differential flow totalize ; Built-in power off clock , can memory 16 times power off data, optional



Measured Medium Acid, alkali, sea water etc strong corrosive or unpurified all conductive liquid
Range/Flow rate 0.14 to 25434 m3/h; 0.5 to 10m/s
Diameter(mm) Pipe type F4/PTFE liner : DN10-DN600;

Pipe type Rubber liner :    DN40-DN2000

Flow Direction Forward, backward, net flow
Accuracy/Repeatability Accuracy ±0.5%,   Repeatability:≤ 0.1%

Accuracy ±1.0% Repeatability: ≤0.2%

Range ratio 150:1
Measured Medium Temperature Rubber liner: -20℃~ +60℃;

PTFE liner: -30℃~+120℃;

High temperature PFTE liner: -20℃~+160℃

Rated Working Pressure DN10-DN50 ≤ 4MPa;         DN65-DN200 ≤ 1.6MPa

DN250-DN1000 ≤ 1MPa;   DN1200-DN2000 ≤ 0.6MPa

Signal Output 4-20Ma (Load Resistor 0-7500Ω), Pulse/frequency, Control level,
Communication Output RS485 MODBUS communication, HART protocol, MODBUS protocol.
Power Supply 220V AC ±15%, or 24V DC, Ripple≤5%
Process Connection Flange connection, sanitary tri-clamp
Explosion -proof class Exd[iaqIICT5
Protection class IP65; IP68 for separate model with converter, can be submergible
Environment Temperature -25℃~ +60℃
Relative Humidity 5%-95%
Power Consumption Less than 20W



Liner Material

Liner Material Mark Temperature Suitable Liquid Suitable DN
Rubber CR <60℃ Tap water, industrial water, sea water DN50-2000
PU <60℃ Pulp, Ore slurry or other slurry DN25-500
F4(PTEP) <120℃ Strong corrosive Acid, Alkali ,Salt liquid DN25-1600
Fluorine plastic F46(FEP) <120℃ Corrosive Acid, Alkali, Salt liquid DN10-200
PFA <160℃ Corrosive Acid , Alkali ,Salt liquid DN10-300



Size (mm)



Order Code

Order Code: MFL3200- 50S-M2F041P1N Description
MFL3200 -X X -X X X X X X X X X MFL3200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Size -DN DN10-DN2000(mm)
Combination -S Compact, integrated Type
-L Separated Type (sensor with converter)

Cable: 5m-300m, standard 5meter

Electrode Material M 316lSS
T Titanium
D Tantalum
HB Hastelloy B
HC Hastelloy C
P Platinum
W Tungsten carbide
Output 0 None
1 Pulse output
2 4-20mA output
Liner Material C CR
Power supply -0 220VAC
1 24VDC
Communication 0 None
1 RS485
2 RS232
3 Modbus
4 Hart
Ground ring 0 None
1 With ground ring
2 With grounding electrode
Nominal pressure -P1 1.6MPA  ,PN1.6
P2 1.0MPA ,PN1.0
P3 0.6MPA, PN0.6
P-(n) Customized
Explosion-proof N None
E Exd[ia]iaqIICT5
Sanitary type -N None
-TR Yes, tri-clamp, sanitary type.

: MFL3200-50S-M2F041P1N

Electromagnetic Flow Meter, DN50, Compact &integrated Type, 4-20mA output, Hart communication. with PTFE lining and Electrode material is 316L Stainless Steel and grounding ring, 1.6MPa pressure.

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