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MPR5000 is universal color paperless recorder, max 16 channels, high accuracy, universal use, easy operation, to be aimed to display , measurement the processes parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, vibration etc in various industry application.



  • High accuracy: +-(0.2%FS +1) digit, 5.6’’TFT LCD display
  • Programmable universal input: T.C., RTD, mA, VDC
  • Input channels no.: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6….16 channels
  • Built in thermocouple automatic cold junction compensation
  • Output: 4-20mA, relay, 24VDC auxiliary power supply
  • RS485 communication port, standard MODBUS-RTU protocol ,configurable with HMI, SCADA, OPC serve etc
  • Flow totalize with temperature, pressure compensation
  • Match Function: +, -, x, /, average, max, mini
  • Various curve, barograph, digit for different type display
  • Strong PC software to display data in digital curve,Print and export to excel for further analysis
  • Wide power supply: 100-240VAC




Order Code


  1. OrderCode: E.g.: MPR5000-06- C1-F-NOC-3T- -N: universal color paperless recorder, 6 channels, NO+NC, 3A, RS485 communication output, 3 channels 4-20ma output, 100-240VAC, Flow totalizer with temperature and pressure compensation, math Function, 100-240VAC, USB data transferring and PC software.
  2. Relayoutput can be as alarm output, also as simple on-off output.
  3. Here 1 channel frequency input is included in 16 channels, MPR5000 max. 16 channels input. Please advise me the frequency input range or pulse input range when frequency input ordered.

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