MPD510-68-160x80mm,Single Channel Universal Process Indicator


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MPD510-68 is universal process indicator, designed with modern advanced SMT technology and modular, to be designed lower power consumed,high accuracy, universal use, easy operation, to be aimed to display,measurement the processes parameters such as temperature, humidity,pressure, flow, vibration etc. in various industry application.



  • Dual 4-digit 7 segment LED display, 0.2%FS accuracy
  • Programmable universal input: T.C., RTD, mA, VDC
  • Built in thermocouple automatic cold junction compensation
  • Output: 4-20mA, relay, 24VDC auxiliary power supply
  • RS485/RS232, standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
  • Up to 4 limits alarm output per relay alarm output
  • With Digital offset, digital filter setting function
  • Wide power supply: 100-240VAC



Accuracy ±(0.2%FS+1)digit Input Type Measured Range
Response time <0.5second when fliter=0 RTD Pt100 -200 to 600℃
Input type Thermocouple, RTD, mA, VDC CU50 -50 to150℃
T.C. cold compensation Built- in auto. Compensation T.C B 300 to 1800℃
Filter 0-99, programmable E 0 to 800℃
Offset  -99.9 to 9999, programmable J 0 to 1000℃
Hysteresis 0-2000, programmable K -50 to 1300℃
Retransmission output 4-20ma output, 2 wire N 0 to 1300℃
Relay output NO, NC, NO+NC, 220VAC/3A S -50 to 1700℃
Alarm type HA, HHA, LA, LLA , up to 4 limits T -200 to 350℃
Auxiliary power supply output 12VDC, 24VDC,24VDC, max.50mA Analog 4-20mA -999 to 9999
Communication RS485,RS232, standard Modbus-rtu 0-10mA -999 to 9999
Baud rate 9600 default 0-5VDC -999 to 9999
Case material ABS for case and bezel 1-5VDC -999 to 9999
Terminal M5 screw terminal Power supply 100-240VAC
Mounting Panel mounting Power consumption Max. 5W
Size / Net Weight 160x80x100mm (LxWxD)/0.5kg Working ambient T:0 to 50℃, H:10%-85%RH(No dew)


Order Code

MPD510-68 universal process controller, 160X80x100mm Description
MPD510-68 -X -X -X -X -X -X MPD510-68 universal process controller
OUT1 -X None
-NOC Relay output: NO+NC, 30VDC/3A, 220VAC/3A
-T 4-20mA retransmission output, 2 wire
OUT2 -X None
-NOC Relay output: NO+NC,30VDC/3A,220VAC/3A
-P1 Isolated 5VDC auxiliary power supply for sensor and transmitter, max. 100mA
-P2 Isolated 12VDC auxiliary power supply for sensor and transmitter, max. 100mA
-P3 Isolated 24VDC auxiliary power supply for sensor and transmitter, max. 100mA
OUT3 -X None
-NOC Relay output: NO+NC,30VDC/3A,220VAC/3A
OUT4 -X None
-NOC Relay output: NO+NC,30VDC/3A,220VAC/3A
COM -X None
-C1 photoelectric- isolated RS485 communication output -C2 photoelectric
-C2 isolated RS232 communication output Isolated RS232
Power supply -N 100-240VAC
-D 24VDC


  1. Order Code: E.g.: MPD510-68-N: universal process indicator, no output;

          MPD510-68-NOC-NOC-NOC-NOC-N: universal process indicator, 4 relay output;  NO+NC relay output,

  1. Relay output can be as alarm output, also as simple on-off output.

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