Temperature and Humidity Recorders Play an Important Role in Museums

Museums are places where important cultural relics are preserved and treasured. The temperature and humidity are the most influential factors among the cultural relics in museums. These factors will directly cause all physical, chemical and biological effects. Generally speaking, as a single factor, the influence of air gradient in museums on cultural relics is not very obvious. However, because of the simultaneous existence of light and various gases in the environment, when the cultural relics in museums are affected by [...]

Application of Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Central Computer Room

In today’s information age, especially with the rise and rapid development of the Internet, the speed of information exchange and dissemination is faster and faster, and the amount of information is also growing. At the same time, the central computer room has become an important place for some companies and related institutions to store, process and share data. It is very important for enterprises to ensure the normal operation of servers or processors in the computer room. Because there [...]

Application of Environmental Temperature and Humidity Conditions to Paperless Recording

Chemical Electronics: The industry is mainly oriented to fine chemical products such as epoxy resin, high-end composite materials, precision microelectronics, integrated chips, optoelectronic components. In the process of storage and transportation, there are special requirements for environmental temperature and humidity conditions and severe earthquake. If some parameters are not properly controlled, it will lead to unstable items produced and even waste products. The Moisture is the deadly enemy of electronic quality, and most electronic products are required for operation [...]